Vibrant Motion Movie

Live Performance, Interactive Visuals.

Vibrant Motion Movie

We collaborated with local Chicago performer Emily Perkulator to explore the possibilities of our custom Vibrant Motion movement visualization software. During our session we explored 4 different visual modes; Projected Shadows, Motion Trails, 3D Modeling, and Projection Mapping onto Moving Objects. Due to the hands-free nature of the Kinect, Emily was able to adapt to using Vibrant Motion quickly and embraced it as a new tool for her expression. Watch this stunning visual performance as she controls our movement visualizer with her dance and flow.

Date: December 2014

Category: Performance, Interactive Projection

Technologies: Projection Mapping, OpenFrameworks, Kinect v1

Collaborators: Emily Perkulator, Noah Herckey, Randi Cutler, Taylor Mock, Arie Zuniga, Jeff Scottston