Vibrant Motion

Transforming body movement into mesmerizing projections in real time.

Vibrant Motion

An interactive motion visualizer that transforms movement into mesmerizing projections in real time. Using OpenFrameworks and the Xbox Kinect, this program outlines objects and creates beautiful motion trails. Vibrant Motion works in any indoor lighting setting, including complete darkness and direct stage lighting.

This program has been used by many performers, including the Chicago-based art collective SDMP as a way of highlighting their dancers' movements and technique during performances. Vibrant Motion was a part of SDMP's stage for the 2014 Phases of the Moon Music and Art Festival, where it provided the performers with live background visuals for the nearly 10000 attendees during the 4 day event.

In addition to being a great perfomance tool, Vibrant Motion makes an excellent installation for the public to play with. Since it is operated simply with movement, Vibrant Motion is able to make attendees feel comfortable and ecourages dancing and moving (it's great at filling the dance floor early on at concerts). It has been featured as an interactive piece at many events and venues including the Museum of Science and Industry, Lincoln Hall Concert Venue, and the Chicago Southside Maker Faire.

Date: February 2014

Category: Interactive Projection

Technologies: Kinect, OpenFrameworks